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Summer 2017 Anime Hits, Maybes And Misses: Clean Freak Aoyama, Convenience Store Boyfriends And Knight's & Magic

The summer 2017 anime season is now well underway, which means it’s no longer time for episode 1 reviews. Now that we’re four, five, even six episodes into these shows, it’s time to judge. Did Made in Abyss' brilliant episode 1 presage a sudden, sharp decline? Did the terrible first episode of Vatican Miracle Examiners somehow lift itself up from disgrace? Did the promising episode 1 of Elegant Yokai Apartment Life live up to what it could be? Let’s find out by assigning each show a verdict: “H
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Heart Of Crown Is Game Of Thrones For Weebs And I Love It

I’m not a card game aficionado. I have tried to learn the rules to Magic the Gathering at least seven times, but there’s something about that game my brain refuses to accept: all instructions go in one ear and out the other. I’m also not a good sport: if I lose in a game, the winner of the game and I lose at least 20 relationship points, Sims-style. For that reason, I’m surprised by how much I liked and enjoyed Heart of Crown.